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This is a serious stick clip that has the massive advantage of reducing in size to a mere 69cm!

Dimensions: 69cm - 274cm

The Beta Stick has two functions:


  • It enables a carabiner or quickdraw carrying the live end of the rope to pre-clip fixed anchors, usually bolts. It has a telescopic long reach pole, an anatomical head to hold the clipping karabiner securely and a simple but effective wire trap to restrain the carabiner gate and permit smooth clipping. It's main use is for pre-clipping the 1st/2nd bolt on sport routes to reduce the risk of a ground fall.
  • For cleaning out of reach holds on boulder problems - removing excess chalk and slime. The cleaning brush locates into a slot in the head, being held firmly in place with a wrap of hook & loop fastening and angles to allow effective brushing of slopers and edges alike. Brushing is possible at longer lengths but it is difficult to apply any power and is not recommended beyond the 3 fattest sections. The brush can be easily removed for hand held use or to use the Beta Stick for clipping.

Warning: Having fixed anchors (even bolts) pre-clipped does not guarantee the climbers safety. Safety is limited by the integrity of the anchor and the climbing equipment used. It is the climbers responsibilty to ensure this integrity. Whenever possible load test pre-clipped anchors from the ground and make a thorough assessment of their condition when climbing past them.
Climbing is dangerous and may result in serious injury or death

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9 June 2015
This has to be one of the most useful things for climbing ever. Light, compact, incredibly useful and being able to clip the first bolt when lead climbing is so helpful!