8B Plus Rocco Boulderbag

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Hey crashpad bandits! I'm Rocco and I can't wait to get out and boulder today! So take off your fake beard and get out of your hammock. It's time to get beastly!

Rocco loves chalk like no other boulder bag out there!

Only the best for the 8BPLUS Boulder Bags. Blessed with high-quality ripstop material on the outside, the tame giant shows his soft spots on the inside. The soft pile lining helps for ideal chalk distribution, while the huge round access enables effortless chalking up to above your elbows (if so wished). Built with a steady shape for stability as a prime goal, it will be even sturdier once you insert your boulderguide into the zippered base pocket. Almost nothing will knock this Boulder Bag over then. Of course all 8BPLUS Boulder Bags come with a centered cord closure, so they will keep it's great shape also when closed.

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UPC / Barcode 7613119000385
Brand 8B Plus


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