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5mm Tendon Cord Price Per Metre (Two Colours)

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The Tendon accessory cord comes in a variety of diameters with the following details:

Rope diameter (mm) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Weight (g/m) 2.8 6.5 12.7 18.9 23.2 34 39.8 54.5
Min. strength (kN) 1.20 1.90 3.40 5.10 10.00 13.00 16.40 19.00

Please note original strengths have been converted from daN.

Colours Vary

All Tendon accessory cords (except cords 2, 3, 9 mm) fulfil EN 564 and UIAA standard.

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UPC / Barcode 8590869265969
Brand Tendon



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Cuts well

14 March 2014
Didn't ask for colour but still got what I liked. The cord cut and sealed well.

Does its job

4 August 2013
Pretty simple stuff. It's well priced, easily tied into knots. Makes for good prusiks. Also handy to have some spare in the camping gear for when you have a tarp that wont reach that tree over there.